Justice, TNG S1 E8 Review, The Battle Bridge


Now it’s going to be interesting. Justice isn’t just the name its a moral story. One punishment for all crimes, even those like keep off the grass.
We pose questions like, what happens if a baby crawls on the grass, do they put the baby to death? What about the mentaly challenged? What happens when the punishment zone is no longer in effect? What happens outside the punishment zone?

Tonight James and Lou really give this episode the once over and just might challenge you to think about what Justice really is.

Lonely Among Us – TNG S1 E7 Review, The Battle Bridge

S1E7 Lonely Among Us

How many more times must the crew of the Enterprise D see their Captain acting funny before they decide to do something about it? Does he really have to beam out energy only before someone relieves him of duty?

Today James and Lou discuss Lonely Among Us to discuss these questions and much more as well as listener feedback.

Special Announcement, Participation Requested.

Brian Baker

Please listen to the attached audio file for a memorial we are planning for Brian Baker. All the details will be included in this audio file, so please listen.