Trek Nation: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – Podcast 129

Tonight’s show topic was:
Rod Roddenberry’s Trek Nation, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Guest on tonight’s show:
Kim Lockman of Fan Central’s Fancast.

Today we have Kim Lockman of Fan Central’s Fancast to discuss Trek Nation. Trek Nation is a documentary done by Rod Roddenberry, son of the late Gene Roddenberry, who is the creator of Star Trek. Rod says he did it to learn more about his Father. Kim believes, as well do Brian Baker and myself, that Rod did it for the money. If he can’t be a creator, he can follow in his footsteps. Join us as we discuss the movie and what we liked about it and disliked about it. Strap yourself in, its going to be a wild ride..

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Links Discussed In This Show Were:
Trek Nation movie.
Fan Central Sci-Fi page.
Fan Central’s Fancast Show.
Kim Lockman’s Fine Art collection..
John Billingsley’s Official Website.

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