Maquis Maquis..Go Away… Don’t come back another day. Podcast 131.

Colin Higgins from the UK joins us to talk about the Maquis. It started there and then in typical Lou fashion, wildly tangents into many more topics of insignificance… But the discussion was rather interesting. Unveiled on this show is Colin’s new Trek Podcast. Yes folks you saw it here, Colin came to poach our listeners, but we’re good with that. Check out Colin’s new podcast and pressure him to get the Lou Trek Show to make an appearance.

IMPORTANT NEWS. The next show will be posted on February 16, two weeks from this posting. That show, show 132, will explain why. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Links Discussed In This Show Were:
Star Trek News and Views Podcast.

Topics Discussed:
News from the future.

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