100th anniversary of Titanic and “Stump the Android,” Podcast #139

Stump the Android. Tonight we talk about the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Perhaps a very non-Trek topic, but it’s captivated the heart of the world to where its the purple elephant in the room. Facts about the Titanic and more. We also pose trivia questions to Brian Baker. We also have a nice debate over the difference between First Officer and Executive Officer. Bryan Detamore believes they are two different positions, according to Memory-Alpha.org. Lou and Brian Baker believe they are the same, according to Memory-Alpha.org. Yes, we both were looking at Memory-Alpha and read two different opinions on the matter. Which is correct? This episode was so sucky that Lou enlisted the help of a beloved friend who came on Skype at the right moment, obviously sent from God himself.

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Links Discussed In This Show Were:
Memory Alpha.
The Delta Quadrant Podcast.
Titanic Facts, Information about the RMS Titanic.
Nearer My God to Thee, information on the song this show starts with.

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