You can do everything right and still get lost in the Delta Quadrant. Podcast #148

FIRST…I’M SORRY. This was supposed to be uploaded last week… You’ll find out in show 149 how Lou’s life almost turned upside down.

Tonight the Lou Trek Show has a special guest. Coming from the Detla Quadrant, the Podcast that is, is Charlynn. Charlynn is co-host of the Delta Quadrant Podcast, a Star Trek: Voyager Podcast. They talk about every episode of Star Trek: Voyager in the order they were released and give their opinions on the episode. It takes a strong person to admit that someone is better then you are, so in this show I demonstrate what a world bodybuilder I really am, because I give props where they definitely belong.
Tonight Charlynn joins us to review Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. You’ll hear clips of the movie and what we think of the clip and the movie in general. This is Lou’s first attempt at a clip show and may have hacked it up a bit, but I hope you enjoy it, even if its to hear one sexy voice. Just ignore the other two voices and you’ve got one hell of a show. J

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Links Discussed In This Show Were:
The Delta Quadrant Podcast.
Memory-Alpha’s ST3 page.
Wikipedia’s ST3 Page.
Colin’s Trek New’s and Views.

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