We answered some email and proposed a show idea. Podcast #152

What happens when you send us an email and we answer it on the show?

If you’ve ever wondered that, listen to this show to find out. We thoroughly answer a couple viewers emails. Its easy to talk about the email, its difficult to shut us up and move on to another topic.

We also discuss the recent shooting in Colorado and our thoughts on that. We then cover a little about the TNG 25th anniversary, but will talk more about it in the next show which will be coming out in a day or so…bonus.

We also have an idea that we want to run past our listeners. If you’ve never communicated with this show before, now is a good time. We need your input on a show direction…check this out to understand why.

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Links Discussed In This Show Were:
Software Process and Measurement Cast (SPaMCAST) Podcast.
The Delta Quadrant, A Star Trek: Voyager Podcast.

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