Messages from Dann and an accidential boo boo that must be corrected. Podcast #154

Tonight we address two emails coming to us from one of our favorite listeners, Dann and we also discuss something that happened over the weekend…
1. Lou’s adopted dog,
2. Lou’s heartbreak over a misunderstanding,
3. We briefly touch on the death of a former show contributor, but we will discuss this more next week when Detamore is back.

Brian Baker and Lou go on without Bryan, how does it sound? Oh and Lou has a new headset. This isn’t the best quality but its actually better then before. Lou forgot to tweak a setting in the recording software, but its now been corrected.

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Links Discussed In This Show Were:
Nebraska Humane Society
Animaniacs Star Trek parody: Star Truck.
The Delta Quadrant, A Star Trek: Voyager Podcast.
Trek News and Views Podcast.
Memory Alpha’s “The Cage” Page.

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