Dann writes, so Dann gets. You could to..you know what to do. Podcast #155

Tonight we treat Dann to a show topic that he said he liked. We weren’t able to get our guest on tonight, so tonight Brian Baker and I discuss the TNG episode of “Tapestry.” Captain Picard is near death, in fact, he has died. We makes his way through the bright light to reach out for the hand of God…who is Q.

Q tells Picard how he squandered his life and how it had no meaning. Picard admits to one mistake in life that changed the course of it. Q gives him a chance to relive that mistake and then suffer the consequences of not living it out as he first did.

Join Lou and Brian as they discuss this episode and see what they think of it. Of course, we slide into several tangents while talking about the topic.

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Links Discussed In This Show Were:
Trek News and Views, a Star Trek Podcast.
Mid-Alantic Nostalgia Convention.
Memory Alpha’s page on TNG: “Tapestry.”.

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