Trekkie Kim don’t like skype this week either… Podcast #156

We missed having Kim on by a hair…a thin hair no less…but she says she is all ours next show. Tonight we go on and discuss our new Social Page. You’ve heard me talk about but its been dormant. Now its been updated. And it will be updated again soon. We discuss GenCon, Brian Baker’s birthday, more about the USS Gorkon. We also discuss an email from Jason and a topic idea Dann proposed on our show reviews. We are going to do his suggestion on the next non topic show. In other words, Kim is coming on about her stuff next week and the week after will be Dann’s topic ideas.. If you want to be as lucky as dan, please do.

Tonight’s Rule of Acquisition: #31 “Never make fun of a Ferangi’s Mother “

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Links Discussed In This Show Were:
Gen Con, Gaming Convention.
Il Troubadore.
Updated Lou Trek Show Social Contact Page.
The USS Gorkon, A fan based website..
Dragon Con, Sci-fi Convention.
Starbase Indy, Star Trek Convention.

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