The computer is getting a funeral soon. Podcast #159

Tonight we discuss the computer issue Lou has. The Power Supply arrived but the computer never came back on, so now Lou has to wait until he can afford a new computer, which could be up to a half a year before tax refund time. In the mean time, we will have to alter the show for the time being, so listen for that information. Then we talked about Starfleet Engineers who could have had the computer fixed. All the way from Scotty getting drunk while jury rigging it to Tuvok’s Vulcan Mind Meld with the computer to Counselor Troi’s trying to get the computer to share it’s feelings. We even have Porthos taking a leak on the computer. It’s all open game on this week’s episode of the Lou Trek Show.

Tonight’s Rule of Acquisition: Could not do. Would have killed the show.

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Links Discussed In This Show Were:
Trek News and Views, A Star Trek Podcast.
The Gamma Quadrant, A Star Trek: DS9 Podcast.
The Delta Quadrant, A Star Trek: Voyager Podcast.

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