Dann said TNG 1 & 2 were a degree of bad and not as bad, podcast #162

Dann said it best when he gave his selections for best and worst of Star Trek: The Next Generation, season 1 and 2. He said it was a matter of badness. There was bad and then there was not so bad..

Tonight, Lou, Bryan, Brian and the email from Dann tackle our best and worst of TNG Season 1 and 2. Next time we do this, we will limit it to one season as this is an hour and a half show.. Sorry about that.

Next week we will be having the Delta Quadrant’s own JD. If you have something to ask JD and you can’t get an answer, send it to me at loutrekshow@gmail.com and I’ll make sure he gets it and answers it. We will be discussing the one time characters that should have had more screen time. Also we will go the opposite…the recurring characters who should have had transporter accidents early on. If there is time we will also discuss Dann’s idea of horror in Trek, a tribute to Halloween.

Tonight’s Rule of Acquisition: # 94 “Females and Finances don’t mix.” Hey I didn’t make it up.. J

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Links Discussed In This Show Were:
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