Interviewing Starbase Indy’s director, Kim Huff, podcast #28

Welcome to the Lou Trek Show.
Show Number 28 for Monday, October 26, 2009

Tonight’s show topic was:
Interview with Kim Huff,
Director: Star Base Indy.
Please Note: Kim will be back on two weeks before Star Base Indy to give final information on the stars that will be appearing for the convention. The latest one confirmed makes me cry that I can’t go. To find out who, stay tuned for further details.

Guests on the show were: Your Co-Host Bryan and Kim Huff.

Links Discussed In This Show Were:
Starbase Indy Convention
Star Trek: The Continuing Mission.
Klingon Space Social Network.
USS Gorkon
Get Walter his star in Hollywood.
StarFleet Command
Vulcan Space Social Network.

Independent Artist Music:
“Where’s The Line,” By Spy For Hire.
click on the above link to find them on

You can download the MP3 version of this show by clicking here.

Next weeks Topic:
Interview with Klingon General Ka’reth (fan fiction),
Klingon Space…
Get your questions for The General.
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Invited Guests: Co-Host Bryan and you.

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