Bryan has a groupie… Where’s Lou’s Groupie? Podcast #59

Welcome to the Lou Trek Show.
Show Number 59 for Thursday, July 8, 2010

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Guests on the show were: Sarah, Bryan’s Groupie.

Show Segments:
–Tech Podcasts Network Tech of Trek Topic: Cybersphere Brings Star Trek’s Holodeck Closer To Reality
–Trek Birthdays. Happy birthday to Patrick Stewart, Bruce McGill, Robert Pine and Jay Chattaway as well as 47 others in the next week.
–Things that make you go BS.
.Lou’s: Star Trek TNG Male crew members in dresses.
.Bryan’s: Worf’s Discommendation.

Links Discussed In This Show Were:
Buyer Brown Tech and Stuff.
Mike Tech Show
Star Trek Birthdays
Cybersphere Brings Star Trek’s Holodeck Closer To Reality
StarBase Indy Convention
Trek Fest Convention

You can download the MP3 version of this show by clicking here.

Don’t forget we are looking for ways to kill Wesley Crusher. Please use the email link below to submit your way to off Wesley. Please note that Wesley Crusher is a fictional character on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

To submit your entry for the show send it to

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