We time travel back to TNG’s pilot episode. Podcast #91

Welcome to the Lou Trek Show.
Show Number # for Thursday, March 10, 2011
I’m sorry but Lou has Bronchitis, AGAIN… Please forgive us, and please relive a little of the past with one of our early shows. We replay show 25, or big time travel episode.

Tonight’s show topic was:
Time Travel back to the pilot episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.
The concept is that you can go back in time to our thoughts of the first episode of TNG. Were we right or were all wet??

Guests on the show were: Your Co-Host Bryan.

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Show opening music:
Auld Lang Syne, by The St. Thomas Episcopal School Pipe Band.
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Links Discussed on this show were:
Mike Tech Show.
Klingon Space Social Network.
USS Gorkon
Starbase Indy Convention
Get Walter his star in Hollywood.
StarFleet Command

Independent Artist Music:
“Matter Of Time,” By Shannon Hurley
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