A combination of various announcements.

Hello everybody and welcome to the Lou Trek Show.
Over the last few weeks things have changed, and I hope for the better. We finally have our own show phone number, thanks to Google Voice. Our number is (630) WWW-TREK or for those who like numbers, (630) 999-8735. You are welcome to call that number and leave a voice mail. Keep your voice mails brief and family friendly and I will play it on a future show, unless you ask me now to.

Of course the best and clearest way to send a voice mail is through Skype. Our Skype name is LouTrekShow.

The show has moved its UStream page. We have made it much simplier for not only UStream but for IRC Clients to find us. Our UStream page can be found at www.UStream.tv/channel/LouTrekShow. You don’t need to capitalize any of that if you wish. Our IRC Chat name is simply #LouTrekShow so you can program that into your IRC Client. For more information on how to set up the client with all the correct information, Click Right Here.

And finally don’t forget the show has a new time slot. We are live on Monday’s at 6pm central, 7pm eastern. We will be live, so if you want to join us and be part of the fun, please be here Monday at 6pm.

Enjoy and check out the rest of the entries below.

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