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Just saw the movie.

Hello everyone. I just saw the Star Trek: Into Darkness movie. I will be giving a much deeper review in our next recording, but if you thought I had words for JJ before, just wait to see what I have for him now. My review will be my opinion and no one is better at…

Bad news. Computer blew up.

Hi everyone. I have some bad news. Last night, after recording show 158, I was almost done with editing when I heard the loudest noise that sounded like transistors snapping. Remember in the episode City on the Edge of Forever Spock’s diodes burned out? The computer made somewhat similar of a light show, very brief…

CES, and Ben Straw interview, podcast #82

Lou is back with news from work, from family and the future. Trek Birthdays and things that make me go BS. Also big news about the website and the CES. Check it out.