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Starship Mine, A lost review episode from the Lou Trek Show. Please open and read.

A lost review of Starship Mine, done by the Late Brian Baker. Please check out this post for more information.

Birthright, Part I, TNG S6 E16 Review, The Battle Bridge.

At Deep Space 9, Worf investigates reports that his father is still alive and an engineering accident causes Data to experience a vision of his father; Dr. Soong.

Today James and Lou discuss (Birthright Part I) and what we think of it.

Who Watches the Watchers, TNG S3 E4 Review, The Battle Bridge

The Enterprise must undo the damage when a primitive civilization discovers a Federation observation team and concludes that the Starfleet personnel are gods.

Today James and Lou discuss (Episode) and what we think of it and much more as well as listener feedback with tonight’s guest host Data Logan.