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So Picard was the diplomat you say? Oh we’ll just see about that, podcast #183


Tonight we discuss the Captains and pose scenarios to discuss how they would handle it. What will we come up with? Some we might have talked about before, but all are very interesting. You get our true personalities with this show. The real US.

When Lou’s Bored, He Brings You To Tears. Extra Show #3


Tonight, Lou cranks out a show about nothing. The Seinfield of the Lou Trek Show. Listen as Lou loses at Craps online, free craps game that is. We discuss some Trek News, while patting Colin on the back and congratulating Rico on show 400 of Treks in Sci-fi. And much more. Click the title to see more.

They sent up John Glenn, so why not these cowboys? Special Feature #2 – Space Cowboys


Tonight, Lou is alone as we listen to Space Cowboys. Space Cowboys is a 2000 film about sending four old farts into space to fix an aging satellite. Click on the title to see more.