When Lou’s Bored, He Brings You To Tears. Extra Show #3

Lou’s bored again. What does Lou’s boredom, a microphone and nothing to talk about equal? This stuff. Tonight, Lou cranks out a show about nothing. The Seinfield of the Lou Trek Show. Listen as Lou loses at Craps online, free craps game that is. We discuss some Trek News, while patting Colin on the back and congratulating Rico on show 400 of Treks in Sci-fi. We talk about a review of the 2009 movie that Lou thought was a real news story, but turned out to be a parody. Lou Dicusses Walter’s star, and discovers a new Star Trek Podcast. I’ve heard of the Delta Quadrant Podcast, but never heard of the Gamma Quadrant Podcast. All this, the MDA and more.

Tonight’s Rule of Acquisition: 299, Lou made it up. “If you are very bored, just go talk Trek. “

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Links Discussed In This Show Were:
Trek News and Views, A Star Trek Podcast.
The Delta Quadrant, A Star Trek: Voyager Podcast.
The Gamma Quadrant, A Star Trek: DS9 Podcast.
Treks In Sci-Fi Podcast.
ESPN Free Online Craps Game, learn the game and strategies.
Build your own USS Enterprise NCC 1701 out of paper.
The Onion News Parody of Star Trek 2009 film.
Celebrate Walter Koenig’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Jeffreies Tubes #2: Italians and Star Trek.
Full TNG Cast Reunion set for May in Chicago.
Sir Patrick Guest Stars on Futurama’s Finale.

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