For all we know, you and I could be married. Podcast #195

Happy Independance Day USA

Happy Independence Day for all those in the US.
For those in the UK, what the hell, blow something up anyway. 🙂

All I can say is I did the work. I had quite a few bucket list items, but I was the only one who came up with any, so we are postponing the topic for two weeks to give the Android and Klingon a chance to come up with a meaningful list.

Tonight, Lou is all by himself. And what does he do when he is alone? Commentary!! Yep, tonight we bring out TNG’s season 5, Conundrum. The memories of the crew are wiped out, but thanks to the Computer they find out they are at war with a race who is determined to destroy them with their “GlobFly” ships and central command that couldn’t hurt a passing packled. Check it out…

Next week we will have Melissa from the Delta Quadrant. So be ready for that….

Tonight’s Rule of Acquisition: #76 “Every once and a while declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies.“

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