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Show # Topic
1 Commentary: TNG “Disaster”
2 Commentary: Voy “Real Life”
3 Where are they now…the characters
4 Pre Star Trek 2009 Movie
5 Star Trek Movie Review, Part 1
6 Star Trek Movie Review, Part 2
6.1 Burger King glasses
7 Things you’ll never see/hear in Star Trek
8 You’ve had too much Star Trek when….
9 Review Season 3 TNG
10 What does the officer in the brig do….
11 Overview of uss gorkon website
12 Captain/First Officer Battle Royale
13 A villain Battle Royale
14 Build and staff your own star ship
15 Bryan’s diatribe about klingons
16 TNG Klingons that appeared in different episodes
17 Fallen Officers and Friends
18 Review Season 1 DS9
19 Review Season 1 Voy
20 Star Trek TOS to ST:XI
21 Time Travel done in Star Trek
22 43rd Anniversary Star Trek
23 How to make Star Trek funnier
24 Our Personal Nexus
25 Time Travel back to TNG Episode 1
26 Minor Aliens of the Federation
27 Interview: Tim Renshaw
28 Interview: Kim Huff
29 Interview: General Kareth Makura
30 Interview: Kim Huff
31 Pre-Star Base Indy talk
32 Star Trek DVD review
33 Star Base Indy Live Show
34 Star Base Indy Post Show
35 Final Star Base Indy Report
36 Trek Today and today’s youth
37 Interview: Jeff Rector
38 Interview: Gary Barclay
39 Review Season 5 TNG
40 Star Trek Spoofs and Federation Policies
41 Education in the 24th century
42 The Little People of Star Trek
43.1 Equinox part 1
43.2 Equinox Part 2
44 Paul introduces me to other sci-fi
45 General Star Trek and a little more of Sci-fi
46 Review Season 2 VOY
47 Podcasts in general and Star Trek Online Game
48 Lou Trek Show, one year anniversary
49 We dare to be different
50 Commentary of DS9 episode “Hard Time
51 Bryan’s solo show about Fandom and Klingons
52 Interview of Trek Fest’s Fred Moufeli
53 Star Trek Clichés that we all love.
54 Review of DS9 Episode “The Magnificent Ferangi”
55 IKEF, Imperial Klingon Expeditionary Forces
56 No Show 56, we skipped over it
57 Trek Fest news and cube life
58 Final Pre-Trek Fest discussion
59 We meet Bryan’s Star Trek Groupie
60 Interview of Manu Intiraymi, of Voyager.
61 We kill off Wesley Crusher of TNG
62 Interview of Buyer Brown,
63 Interview of Tim Russ, Star Trek Voyager
64 Interview of Marley McClean
65 Interview of Scarlett Pomers
66 General Trek Talk and A Lot Of It
67 Interview of the band Five Year Mission
68 Show Removed due to Guest’s withdrawal from the Tech Podcast Network
69 Review of Star Trek: DS9 Season 2
70 General Trek Talk.
71 Bryan’s Second Solo Ad Lib
72 Federation Equal Opportunity Employment Policy
73 Interview of Curt and Cody Wetherill
74 Review of Star Trek: TNG Season 2
75 Did Bryan Ditch Lou Again? General Trek Talk.
76 General Trek Talk
77 Trek Podcast Crossover interview of
78 Starbase Indy 2010 Report and a big OOPS
79 General Trek Talk
80 General Trek Talk and an important Announcement
81 Star Trek: The Good Ole’ days
82 CES and Lou’s Back from Christmas Break
83 Trek/Tech cross over with Ben Straw
84 Race Relations in and out of Star Trek
85 Lou reunites with a lost friend..oh yeah and trek.
86 The Music of Trek
87 Where we’ve been and Deja Vu
88 We apply for a spot at Dragon Con
89 Lou’s Solo Review of VOY: Season 3
90 Major Aliens of the Federation
91 Best Of: We replay show 61, Time Travel
92 Buyer Brown’s Back with questions.
93 Ben Straw fills in for Bryan. Ben stumps Lou with some obscure Trek Trivia.
94 The Reverend Timothy Walker joins Lou to talk about Magic and even Prince
95 Interviewing listener Colin Higgins, Federation and Alien Alliances
96 Lou’s Solo review of VOY epsiode “Timeless”
97 Lou Talks with Bob Hanson again. Movie stuff and more on the Pepper Spray incident.
98 How do people in the 24th Century work.
99 Interviewing the Trek Star, Natalija Nogulich (Vice Admiral Nechayev, TNG)
100 Our 100th Show with our very first guest ever, Mike Smith
101 Tech and Trek Rage with guest Troy King
102 The final decision on our Dragon Con Application with guest Cecil Davis
103 Interviewing the Lou Trek Show Listner.. Oh yes we do!!
104 A New Segment, News about Dragon Con
105 Star Trek Fandom
106 Hodge Podge of Trek things.
107 Review of TNG Season 3 Episode, “Yesterday’s Enterprise.”
108 Is Star Trek a Religion?
109 Computers new feature and Cold calling listeners
110 Backups in the Trek time
111 Lou is alone and reveals a lot about HIM.
112 Lou’s Solo Review of TNG’s “The Offspring”
113 We Start Some Federation Rumors
114 Dragon Con is almost here.
115 Final Pre-Dragon Con report
116 Final FINAL Dragon Con Report.
117 Interviewed a Star Trek fan about the recent movie
118 Lou’s solo review of TNG’s Pilot Episode Part 1
118 Lou’s solo review of TNG’s Pilot Episode Part 2
119 What Position on a ship would we want?
120 LTS / Road of I and We Crossover.
121 What would we do with some Trek Technology?
122 The Bry(I)n’s take over the show and talk Fandom.
123 Ferangi’s Form a Union, I kid you not
124 Officer Hook Up Part 1
125 Officer Hook Up Part 2
126 Benjamin Straw Adds Some Spice to the Show
127 Our Resident Android’s solo show.
128 Star Trek New Years Resolutions
129 Analysis of Trek Nation
130 Officer Hook Up Part 3
131 The Maquis
132 The Whales of Trek
133 Lou’s Solo Review of TNG’s “A Matter Of Time”
134 Lou’s Solo review of TNG: “Data’s Day.”
SP1 Special Feature: Space Camp
135 Commentary of VOY: “Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy.”
136 Review of TNG: “Justice”
137 The Religious debate continues and more Curious Trek Questions.
138 Interview Series: Josh Bradley of the Delta Quadrant Podcast.
139 100th Anniversary of Titanic and “Stump The Android”
140 Things Lou Thinks about when he’s all alone and the power goes out.
141 Lou had questions to ask and the Bry(I)an’s had answers.
142 Star Trek: Voyager. We discuss Voyager and the Delta Quadrant Podcast.
143 Time Warping to the Omaha Installation? Where’s that?
144 Things we HATE about Star Trek.
145 Red Squad: Good idea or Bad idea?
146 It’s not just for red shirts anymore.
147 D’Amato was in a blue shir when he bit the dust.
148 Interview series: Charlynn Schmidt of the Delta Quadrant
149 Dragon Con, Mega Con and a new Listener, oh my.
150 Interview series: Thought Admiral Mark Williams of IKEV.
151 Bryan Detamore presents: Admiral’s gone wild.”
152 Answering viewer email and a show proposal.
153 25th Anniversary of TNG, and something Lou never saw.
154 Email reviews and correcting a mistake.
155 Review of TNG: “Tapestry”
156 Trekkie Kim Don’t like Skype this week either.
SP2 Special Feature: Space Cowboys
157 Star Trek Weddings
158 Best/Worst of TOS All Three Seasons.
159 How would Starfleet Engineers have fixed Lou’s Computer Part 1.
160 How would Starfleet Engineers have fixed Lou’s Computer Part 2.
161 Thoughts about Star Trek Lou has when all alone and the power goes out.
162 Best/Worst of TNG Season 1&2.
163 We interview JD of the Delta Quadrant Podast.
164 Best/Worst of TNG Season 3.
165 The Women of Star trek and their progression with Matt from the Delta Quadrant Podcast.
166 Best/Worst of TNG Season 4.
167 Dann says Lou’s wrong. Is he? Let’s find out.
168 Final of Best/Worst of TNG Season 5
169 Starbase Indy and TNG Season 2 in High Freakin’ definition.
170 We have less then 48 hours to prevent a way, or perhaps…to start one.
171 We’re heartbroken, but life goes on. Star Trek Christmas.
172 Best Of: We go back in time to our time to TNG’s series premier.
173 Where there’s a ship, there’s a deception
174 Lou tells you what he really thinks of some TNG episodes.
175 Would Captain Kirk hit on 7 of 9 or the 2 year old Kes?
176 Interview Series: Richard Smith of Simply Synidicated’s “Make It So.”
177 Bad modem, Sex Website Injections and lots of Trek.
178 We bring to an end our A vs. B topic
179 We design our own class of Starships.
180 Whatcha goin’ do when Hulk-a-Gorn-ia comes after you?
181 Will things like pizza delivery and prostitution exist in the 24th century?
182 Best of: The day we introduced Bryan Detamore.
183 So Picard was the diplomat you say? Oh we’ll just see about that.
184 Androids and a tax you have to hear to believe.
185 They SayTime Is The Fire In Which We Burn
186 Movie Review- Star Trek: First Contact
187 Movie Commentary – Star Trek: Insurrection
188 Movie Commentary – Star Trek: Nemesis
189 Movie Commentary – Star Trek: 2009 Movie
190 Movie Review – Star Trek: Into Darkness
191 Movie Review – Star Trek: Into Darkness Part 2
192 Movie Review – Star Trek: Into Darkness Part 3
193 Interviewing Paul Finch and why we like Star Trek
194 USS Voyager Dating Service. How they should pair off.
195 Episode Commentary – TNG Conundrum
196 Odo’s STD and the Great Link Orgy
197 What is on your Star Trek Bucket List?
198 Episode Commentary – TNG Ship In a Bottle
199 Interviewing CMDR (Now CPT) Firbob and the Dr.s of Trek
200 The big 200… Congratulatory and memories of 1-199
201 Interviewing Larry Nemecek.
202 Reboot Vs. Remake Vs Reimaging with Guest Ben from TDQ
203 Remembering 9/11 – Terrorism in the Federation
204 Episode Commentary – TOS Friday’s Chilc
205 Because of Jeri Taylor, Janeway never came out of her shirt
206 Can Star Trek ever scare you??
207 Episode Review – VOY: Twisted
208 Interviewing the listener Kate
209 How can you hate anything about Star Trek?
210 Episode Review DS9: Trials and Tribbleations with CMDR Firbob
211 Episode Review – DS9: The House Of Quark With Guest Dr. James Roberts
212 Dominion Pizza and a massive Tangent. Please note this was Brian Baker’s Last LTS Before his death.
213 The Lou Trek Show lost episode review: TNG Starship Mine with Brian and Firbob
214 Future Show
215 Future Show

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