Lou Trek Show format change

Hello and welcome to the Lou Trek Show. I have noticed that we do not get viewers to the live show, but we have been receiving downloads of the MP3 version of the show. Because of that reason we have decided to drop the live feed in favor of a recorded show that will still be put out here on the main page and available for download from your favorite RSS reader.

We will do a video show once and a while when there is something that must be seen to be understood.

Also we will make the release date of the MP3 version of the show on Thursdays of each week. We will attempt to do the show either on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday for its new release date of Thursday.

This will be effective for show number 18, which would have been scheduled to be live on Monday August 17. The MP3 will be available sometime around Thursday August 20.

After doing the MP3 version of the show becomes a little more popular and a live show is requested by enough viewers, we will revisit the live show idea in the future.

Thank you for your time and attention and please continue to listen to the Lou Trek Show.

ps. don’t forget the forums is still up and looking for users. So far there has been a lack of interest that has me considering taking it down. There are a lot of things you can talk about on the forums, so please consider checking them out at Lou Trek Forums.

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