The Neutral Zone, TNG S1 E26 Review PART 2, The Battle Bridge *Season 1 Finale*

26-The Neutral Zone part 2

Attention… This is only part 2 of a two part episode.

This one was so long we had to break it up in two parts, but both are uploaded tonight..
It’s here. The Season 1 finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Neutral Zone. I’m sorry to report, they didn’t think to make it a very good episode and there certainly is no cliff hanger. We wrap up the season with the review of the episode and a little about Season 1 as a whole. How did we rate them this season? Find out here.

Today James and Lou discuss The Neutral Zone and what we think of it and much more as well as listener feedback. Remember this is in two parts so you can take a break.

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