No Show for Thursday October 28.

I am unable to do a show this week. I had computer problems that required me to do a factory restore.
The problem is I had the main boot disc partitioned into two and ALL the show material was on the second partition.
When Windows Vista went to do the factory restore, it didn’t work on reboot. The only way to fix it was to format the entire hard drive and start over.
I forgot that I had repartitioned the hard drive and that when the format was complete all partitions on the drive would be erased
When I was back up and running I was so bummed to see that everything from the show was gone. Everthing except past shows. I have carbonite and used it to backup all of the shows, but for some reason the backup didn’t contain the directory I use to start a new show. I have a default directory with all the show sounds on it. When I do a new show I copy and paste that directory and rename the copy to the show number I am working on. Had I had that starter directory backed up, this wouldn’t have happened.

I am on PTO from work on Wed, Thu and Sun with my normal days off of Fri and Sat. I will use that time to recreate all my sounds as best I can.

Don’t worry Buyer, your special plug to your shows will be there. I’ll either make it the same or better, promise.

Thanks everyone and I’ll see you in a bit.

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