Cost of Living, TNG S5 E20 Review, The Battle Bridge

20-cost of living

Lwaxana Troi is on board the Enterprise-D to hold her wedding ceremony, and she also takes an interest in Worf’s son Alexander, encouraging him to adopt her carefree ways.

Today James and Lou discuss (Cost of Living) and what we think of it, with tonight’s guest host Bryan Detamore.

The First Duty, TNG S5 E19, The Battle Bridge

19-first duty

Sorry we recorded this show but it was lost. We couldn’t get together to record it again until today. Going up as is, mistakes and all.

Following an accident during an Academy training exercise that leads to the death of one of his friends, Wesley Crusher must decide whether loyalty or truth is the first duty.

Cause and Effect, TNG S5 E18 Review, The Battle Bridge

18-cause and effect

The destruction of the Enterprise near a distortion in the space-time continuum causes a temporal causality loop to form, trapping the ship and crew in time and forcing them to relive the events that led to their deaths.

Today James and Lou discuss (Cause and Effect) and what we think of it, with tonight’s guest host Blair Donnelly.