Post Trek Fest notes.

Hello everyone. Just a short message to update everyone on the show and Trek Fest.
We are three days out of being at Trek Fest. They were happy to have us. I will follow up more on the next show as to how we felt about the experience. We are unable to do a good show this week because of timing issues. Some things to look forward to in the next show.
We will interview Fred Moufeli for his final thoughts on the convention and give our suggestions on how we can best serve them next year.
We will also be changing the format of the show to make it more uniform each week. We are redesigning the show to make it more appealing, we certainly hope and will bring it out next week. So look for show 59 on Thursday July 8 with the new format.
Don’t forget to submit your ideas on how we can kill Wesley Crusher. We need some ideas. That will be pushed to show 60. Wesley’s days are numbered..

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