Jinx put Max in space, Jinx can get Max back. Special Feature #1

Tonight we divert course away from Star Trek and talk about another Space type of film. Tonight I go into Space Camp, premiered in 1986. This show is twice the normal length of a Lou Trek Show podcast, but I hope you enjoy it.

Five teenagers take spend their summer at Space Camp. During the camp, NASA has decided that one group of campers would be allowed to sit in a space shuttle during an engine test. Group Dopey is chosen out of many. I don’t think their name was Group Dopey, but they seemed so. The Commander is a skirt chaser, the Pilot, who wants to be a Commander is the skirt being chased. The Mission OPS include a dingy girl who’s own ear rings scared her, a very deep in the closet boy who loves science and Max, a kid who thinks he’s Luke Skywalker and he is there to use the force. The group is sitting on the launch pad when Max’s best friend forever, Jinx, a $25 Million dollar computerized handyman, comes up with a plan to put Max in space. The solution? Thermal Curtain Failure, which is sure to launch Max in space. It does, but when they get there, that’s when the fun begins on how to get them back.

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