Starship Mine, A lost review episode from the Lou Trek Show. Please open and read.

Hello.. Lou Here. Back in 2013 we tragically lost our beloved pet to an accident. At that time, Brian Baker and I were recording the Lou Trek Show. Brian carried on with the show and did a review of Starship Mine with Paul “Firbob” Wright. Brian lost his life not too long after. I’ve never recorded a Lou Trek Show episode since. I just can’t, at this time, carry on without my Android. A few months later, I found that recording and posted it. It was very painful to listen to, as I had lost it and never edited it. My many thanks to Paul for finding this lost recording.

Since James and I just did a review of Starship Mine, I should have remembered and added a link to that show Brian and Paul did, so long ago. So please take a listen and hear how smart Brian was and how his knowledge of Star Trek was.

To Renee Roberts: I know this might be hard, as you cared for Brian very much. But sometimes I need to hear his voice. The best thing about podcasting is no matter what happens to us, our works are a part of recorded history and will die. It’s comforting to hear his voice, his quirky laugh. So here you go…

You can download the MP3 version of this show by clicking here. (might have to right click, save as.)