A Villain Battle Royale, podcast #13

Welcome to the Lou Trek Show.
Show Number 13 for Monday, July 6, 2009

Tonight’s show topic was: A villain battle royale
Guests on the show were: Bryan our co-host and Paul our guest.

Independent Artist Music:
“Value Of A Girl,” By OxygenNE
click on the above link to find them on Garage Band.com

You can download the MP3 version of this show by clicking here.
You can watch the show on Ustream By Clicking Here.

Or you can watch the show right here.

Next weeks Topic: Build Your Own Star Ship. You can decide what kind of ship it will be with you as the Captain and anyone you choose to fill the rest of the positions.

Invited Guests: Bryan and paul and you if you want!
If you wish to join us, let me know.

To submit your entry for the show send it to

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