Bryan’s diatribe about Klingons, crapcast #15 (I wanna cry)

Hello and welcome to the Lou Trek Show.

Tonights show was all about Klingons. 43 minutes into the show, my computer locked up and would never recover. Thanks to Ustream, however, the video up to the freeze point survived, however Audacity, the program I use to record the show, froze up with the rest of the system. I will record it off the ustream feed in the next couple days.
In the mean time, if you really I MEAN REALLY like klingons and want to know more about them, then please watch the show or wait for the MP3.
If your really not into Klingons, this show would be brutal to suffer through. I would wait until next weeks show.
I apologize for this. The suspect in tonights show murder was Web Cam Max. I will be looking into that.
Here is the show if you wish to watch.

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