Review of TNG: Season 3, podcast #9

Welcome to the Lou Trek Show.
Show Number 9 for Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Before getting to this weeks topic, we did a review of a review of the Star Trek Movie, as done by Mike Dawson of Left Field Cinema. Please visit Mike’s page by clicking here, and see what he thought of the movie and how it compares with Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Currently the audio file on that page is not the correct one, so the audio file can be found by clicking here.

Tonight’s show topic was: Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 Review
Guests on the show were: Bryan, our resident Klingon.

Independent Artist Music:
“Home,” By Lemon Fresh Day
click on the above link to find them on

There will be no MP3 of the full show because I did a tribute to a family friend, Louie Rotella, President and CEO of Rotella’s Bakery, who passed away recently. Their website can be found at www.Roltellas.Com
It would mean more if you were to watch the show on the UStream playback.
To download the opening part which has the tribute, Click Here.

The video stream is in two parts, due to a momentary glitch in the recording.
You can watch part 1 of the show on Ustream By Clicking Here.
You can watch part 2 of the show on Ustream by Clicking here.

Or you can watch part 1 of the show right here.

Here is part 2 of the show, right here.

Next weeks Topic: What does the guy in the Brig do when the Brig is empty of prisoners. What do any crew member do when they are alone in their work station. Topic might be pre-empted for an important Klingon message.

Invited Guests: Bryan and YOU.
If you wish to join us, let me know.

To submit your entry for the show send it to

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